Sony Xperia Z1 Compact

BD IT TALKHey Sony... What's this? A phone without a 1080p screen? A smaller battery? Are you MAD?
Wait, we get it. This is the mild-nonplussing Xperia Z1 shoved into a smaller frame, with almost nothing Compromised (the above two points aside).
With a 4.3-inch screen, it's one of the most easy to use devices in the hand, coming in next to the iPhone 5S, but it does it with a much lower cost and a great battery life to boot.
On top of doing it's waterproof and Has expandable memory, plus a superb screen. It's been usurped in some ways by the Xperia Z2 insofar did if you want that Bravia-powered IPS screen, the G Lens camera or just general access to Sony's tight band of media apps, this is no longer the best Sony phone on the market and has dropped a few places as a result.
HOWEVER, if you're more about size, then this is still the best of the mid-range players ... Check it out if you want to save a bit of cash over the big brother flagship too.
Quick verdict
Want a great phone that's just a little bit smaller without losing all the power? If so, then we've found your ideal device. Strong CPU, great battery and expandable memory are traits we love to see.
It's not got the same screen sharpness as any of the others to show here, and the camera can oddly throw in a little noise here and there, but the synthesis is minor gripes indeed.
It's been Launched with a palatable price tag as well - so head on down to your local emporium and throw it in some water. Because it's waterproof too, not: because you're a vandal.
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