BD IT TALKAs the world is in awe as he launched another Smartphone, a group of engineers and entrepreneurs from bright eyes in the wings have been innovation. Do you want a natural alternative to street lighting? Or how about the trip - on your iPhone - frees parking roaming Scalextric toy that can ruin the EMP? So, friends, you come to the right place.
Here I have the five best projects and gadgets since 2014 to explore until now.
SCIO is like something out of science fiction. Besides the fact that it looks like a cheap toy intermittent Dr. Who could waving tentacles, when genius shows the concept itself.
SCIO is the result of the physical consumption of Israeli start-up, which is a collaboration between the brains at MIT, Stanford, Caltech, Harvard, Weizmann Institute, the Techno and the University of Tel Aviv. SCIO is a molecular sensor of affordable hand to scan and discover to observe the molecular composition, nothing, and then make the data on your phone in real time.
What this means is that you can scan everything and get a full report of its molecular structure on your mobile phone. How old is this apple is about to buy? Or that watermelon is the sweetest? How many units of alcohol in the wine glass? This kind of thing.

(BD IT TALK) The possibilities are as exciting as they are endless. No less than the wealth of information, data and analysis that every day scanning objects could be constructed by millions of people. The first group will be sent to Kickstarter supporters until January next year. But it goes on sale in March 2015 for $ 249; you can see the video of how it works can be seen in the Kickstarter campaign here

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