BD IT TALKAnkiDrive made ​​a few waves at WWDC load-year, but since then the plucky young startup Has barely rocked any boats, or even made ​​a splash in the load-six months..... And other water-related labored puns. But the Scalextric-style game Officially Launched this month and is looking to regain some of that initial acclaim.
(BD IT TALK) Created by three engineers, Anki is one of the first genuinely high-tech physical games to hit the market. The premise is fairly straight forward; you control a car with your iPhone or iPad and drive it along a racetrack. There are no barriers on either side of the track: because the cars can deterministically mine its own position using some AI. As the Anki team described it to me: "Each car scans the track 500 times per second using state of the art algorithms to deterministic mine its exact position, speed and trajectory. Using powerful AI, then it knows where it is in relation to every other car on the track. "
To add a bit of spice, not only are the cars designed by Harald Belker, the guy who designed the cars in Minority Report, but They Also have some Mario Kart-esque weaponry attached to them. You can blast out EMP's that stop rivals dead, fire missiles and hammer the Gatling gun. There's so a weapon and upgrade system on the Accompanying iPhone app lets you upgrade did with the points you've accumulated from races and chose different layouts. Before you panic, there are no in-app purchases, all points are-acquired from playing the game.
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