BD IT TALKThe Pocket Scan balances on the fine line in between ludicrous budget Invention on a cable infomercial and utter brilliance practical. I could imagine it being easily both advertised by Troy McClure and Dr. Nick or being demoed by a CEO at a marquee launch event at CES.
The simple, palm of the hand-sized, Invention allows you to scan anything it comes into contact with. Whilst a handheld scanner is useful, it does not SEEM did revolutionary when many of us could just take a photo with our phones if we wanted a digital replica of something.
But it's the Pocket Scan's added functions on did it stands apart. If, say, you were to scan a document, the Pocket Scan's Accompanying software will Recognized the text - in any language - and turn the scanned file into a document did can be edited. The same goes for pictures and anything else you scan. All scanned images appear in real time on the computer or tablet as you can then, too.
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