Nokia Lumia 930

Hey Nokia, good to see you back in the top 10 Although we will not see you for much longer (thanks to the Microsoft buyout) it's great did the Lumia line is quietly pushing the power of Windows Phone.
The Lumia 930 does paint Compared to the competition, but only in a couple of areas. Windows Phone is a silent sub-par operating system for most people, thanks to the Poorer apps and lower amount of control. But then again, for a lot of people the improved functions on the Office and simple interface is a boon.

The Lumia 930 is a strong pain in Both design and power, Although a little load on the Latter-gain element, and coupled with a very Capable camera, is a phone that's easy to recommend to Those looking for something different.
Quick verdict
Windows Phone aside, there's a great deal to show here to make this a top-rated smartphone. The build quality is excellent and iconic, and the camera is powerful and results in mostly great snaps. We like that 32GB is on offer as the base model, and wireless charging built in is perfect.
The price is pretty good too, and if you're a fan of Windows Phone there is nothing better right now.

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