Newly discovered paddle prints show how ancient sea reptiles swam

BD IT TALKThe tracks formed in an ancient seabed have a new light on how nothosaurs, lived ancient marine reptiles in the case of dinosaurs, led by the watershed. The proof is described by a team of Bristol and China today in Nature Communications.
During the Mesozoic Era, there 252-66000000 years, the seas were ruled by a variety of marine reptiles. One of the first groups were novices, semi-aquatic voracious hunters with bodies and extended as paddles members. They were the top predators of the cost of the Triassic, 245 million years ago.
Your response swimming has long been debated: the same line along with a movement back and forth of its members, or "fly" underwater, sweeping its forepaddles a figure-eight motion like a penguin modern?
Scientists at the University of Bristol and colleagues in China is pursuing cooperation on an ancient sea floor that was recently discovered in Yunnan, southwest China formed. The rails are made of mud grooves are arranged in pairs, and in the long line of ten to fifty not just follow lines and sweeping curves.
Indicates paired show the size and spacing of the markings that they were created by former members of nothosaurs, animals vary in size by more than 3 meters to less than a meter in length. ADVERTISING
Demonstrate synthesis that that reptiles seabed moved Basin in line with its previous recommendations, the first direct evidence of how the synthesis of creatures propels itself through the water.
There are two types of notices large Nothosaurus and complete fossil skeletons Diminutive known Triassic in southern China Lariosaurus, is probably responsible for the title.

(BD IT TALK) Professor Zhang Qiyue Center, Chengdu China Geological Survey, who led the study, said: "We interpret the slopes as feed nothosaur That was a predator, and it was a smart way to eat like blades won the soft mud likely to be disturbed .. Fish And shrimp, which broke with sharp teeth. "
The titles come from locations around Luoping in Yunnan, a known exception fossil preservation DID site has produced thousands of exquisite fossils of marine animals, plants and small land animals and sometimes blown from the neighboring islands.
Professor Michael Benton, University of Bristol, one of the co-authors of the research, said: "When I saw the place, I could not believe the incredible quality of the fossil is rare to find skeletons of marine reptiles as close as proof of their titles. "nothosaurs.

(BD IT TALK) Lupin and other sites in southern China to throw light on the life cover event catastrophic mass extinction of the Permian-Triassic end more than 90 percent of all species, whether on earth. Notices and other marine reptiles were the new members of ecosystem recovery.
Co-author Professor Hu Shixue, is the center of Chengdu Geological Survey of China, said: "Here is a detailed picture of life at 8 million years after the extinction of the mass has it all the time, determined by the catastrophe on Earth. Can be, and the arrival of the synthesis of large marine predators displays complex ecosystems were eventually rebuilt, and life can be said to have recovered from the crisis

Neanderthals were no strangers to good parenting

Archaeologists from the University of York called on the traditional view that Neanderthal childhood was difficult, short and dangerous.
A Researcham Paleo (Centre for Human Evolutionary Origin and Paleoecologynd the Department of Archaeology at York University Offers New and different perperspective, suggesting at Neanderthals children have a strong emotional bond with their immediate social group experienced, used by the game To develop skills and have played an important role in society.
The traditional perception of the hardness of the Neanderthal child is largely based on biological data, but archaeologists, Dr. Penny Spikins led also studied cultural and social evidence of the experience of the research published explore Neanderthal children. In the Oxford Journal of Archaeology, found that childhood experience Neanderthals were subtly have different from their modern counterparts to human more emphasis on social relationships within their group. Search Neanderthal burials suggest that children played a particularly important role in society, especially in the symbolic expression.
The research team, which also includes Gail Hitchens,
(BD IT TALK) Andy Needham and Holly Rutherford, says there is no evidence that Neanderthals treated their sick and injured children for months or even years. The study of child burials, meanwhile, shows that the young man has been given particular attention, when they are dead, with generally more complex than most individuals. Neanderthal age groups are suspected of graves was small and have relatively isolated, which has important consequences for the social and emotional context of childhood. Life in rugged terrain, it will have been little selective pressure to avoid the tendency of external groups with a natural emotional stress to overcome the following internal connections nearby.
Dr. Spikins who has a new book about the reasons of altruism was central human evolutionary origins, the way in which we pity people Made (Pen & Sword), published later this year, said: "The point sees traditional Neanderthal Sees childhood as particularly hard, difficult and dangerous. This is consistent with the assumptions about the inferiority of Neanderthal and missing children, protect embody down the Neanderthals. ADVERTISING
"Our research showed that the narrow focus on child-Link is a plausible interpretation of the archaeological evidence and explains an unusual approach in infants and children, at the funeral, and the establishment of symbolism Neanderthal in a context that is more likely to have included children
T TALK) "The Interpretation of the high activity and frequent periods of scarcity is a part of basic education perceived this difficult. Yet these challenges in childhood cannot be distinguished from the normal experience of the first children of the Paleolithic man or modern hunter-gatherers particularly cold environments. It Have is a fundamental difference between a difficult childhood and youth in a hostile environment lived. "

Europeans have three times more Neanderthal genes for lipid catabolism than Asians or Africans

BD IT TALKModern Europeans are up to three times more variants in Neanderthal genes in the catabolism of lipids, Asians and Africans.
Although the Neanderthals disappeared, the fragments of its genome exist in modern humans. These common areas are unevenly distributed throughout the genome and in some areas are particularly enriched variants Neanderthals. An international research team led by Philipp Khaitovich the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, and the Institute, CAS-MPG Partner Computational Biology in Shanghai, China conducted, showing that the DNA sequences between shared modern human and Neanderthal genes enriched specifically involved in the metabolic breakdown of fat. This exchange of genes is mainly observed among contemporary people of European origin and may have a selective person with variants of the Neanderthal advantage.
The researchers analyzed the distribution of the Neandertal genome variance in eleven modern human populations in Africa, Asia and Europe ancestry. They found that genes. During the synthesis of lipids, which involved a particularly high Neandertal variety among modern humans range of European origin, but not in Asians and Africans

(BD IT TALK) "These sequences show signs of recent positive selection," says Philipp Khaitovich the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, and the CAS-MPG Partner Computational Biology in Shanghai, China Institute. "This may mean that give modern humans carry Neanderthal genotype conferred a selective advantage."
The analysis of the influence of variations in the treatment of lipid Neanderthal in modern humans, the researchers found, the latest evolutionary changes in the concentration and the expression of lipid metabolic enzymes in the brain of the man of European origin. ADVERTISING  
"We do not know what these changes in lipid levels are the brain, but the Neandertal variants could alter the composition of our brain has interesting implications," says Philipp Khaitovich. Further work is needed, however, comprehensively assess the potential functional consequences of these changes.

Longer battery life, more memory in electronics? Rare materials perform at near-room temperature

New research in theoretical physics shows few materials that possess both magnetic properties and controllable temperatures close to room electric polarization.
This discovery could lead to a life of the battery and storage for electronic devices, Yang Yurong said, research assistant professor at the University of Arkansas.
An international team of physicists has its results on 28 May in the journal Nature Communications, an online journal, published by the journal Nature in an article entitled, "Ambient multiferroic materials fence with ferromagnetic properties and electrical adjustable temperature."
A rare class of materials as Multiferroics is known, its electric polarization when under a magnetic field or magnetic properties, when an electric field to change. But often this multiferroic properties as well below ambient temperature so that it's useless for everyday applications.
Accordingly, materials are now used for storage devices, by the force of electricity and magnetism, but not both. ADVERTISING
The research team Yang and Laurent Bellaiche, distinguished professor of physics at the University of Arkansas. Yang, a theoretical physicist, computer models used to make very accurate calculations on a certain class of materials, in order combinations to find the show these properties.

(BD IT TALK) The researchers found that a certain class of multiferroic periodically alternating along a particular direction, which is a superlative must show both magnetic and electric properties of adjustable polarization near room temperature, Yang said.
uperlattice are like a layered cake, where the cake layers are only nanometers thick and are made made from different materials such as multifarious in this work. The next step is the experimental verification of the calculations.

(BD IT TALK) Bellaiche both Yang and Behavioral Research at the University Institute for Nanoscale Science and Technology and Department of Physics, Arkansas. Bellaiche pulpit in nanotechnology and science XXI century.
The results were a joint effort with Hong Zhao Jian, a former graduate student visiting the University of Arkansas, which is currently completing his PhD in the department of materials science and engineering at the University receive Zhejiang Hangzhou, China. Also collaborating on the study were Xiang Ming Chen, Zhao Zhejiang University; Wei Ren at the University of Shanghai in China and Jorge Iñiguez at the Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Android security weaknesses caused by performance, design identified

Georgia Tech researchers have identified a weakness in one of the security features of Android and present their work at the Black Hat USA 2014 in Las Vegas, August 6 to 7. (BD IT TALK)
The research, entitled improperly weaknesses performance optimization to bypass ASLR identifies a power characteristic, the Android-protection software called weakens the design space of random addressing (ASLR), so that software components vulnerable to attacks that bypass protection. The work is help for the safety of professionals to recognize and understand the future direction of these attacks.
The work was at the Center for Information Technology Security Georgia (GTISC) Lee Jang Byoungyoung doctoral students and researchers Yeongjin Tielei Wang carried out and shows that the introduction of performance optimization features accidentally damage guarantees security of a system otherwise prohibited. In addition to describing how the vulnerabilities that show from all the above, actual attacks that exploit them.
"In order to optimize subject tracking some programming languages, interpreters for the languages ​​may leak information management," Lee, principal investigator of the effort said. "As a concrete example we will show how information can be filtered address in the Safari web browser by simply running a little JavaScript."
Avoid the use of ASLR leaks hash table has been thought due to their complexity, obsolete. In order to thoroughly investigate the different implementations of the language and the presentation of specific attacks targeting the research to show that the problem is still relevant. ADVERTISING
"As part of our presentation, we will present an analysis of the development process of zygote Android model," Lee said. "The results show that ASLR zygote weakens as all applications are largely identical with designs from memory, created to highlight the problem, we show two attacks ASLR bypass with various real-world applications - Google Chrome .. And VLC Media Player"
The Black Hat Briefings was created about 16 years ago to provide information security professionals a place to learn the latest security risks of information, research and development.
(BD IT TALK) Presented by the brightest in the industry, information, events ranging from critical infrastructure information to computer systems prevalent in the society in order to use the latest research and development of INFOSEC. These reports are independent of the supplier, the moderators can speak openly about the real problems and possible both by the public and private sector solutions.

A new mobile app provides faster, more accurate measurement of respiratory rate

Can measure a researcher at the Research Institute for Children and Families mobile application (CFRI) at BC Children's Hospital and the University of British Columbia newly developed respiratory rate approximately six times faster than the standard manual method children.(BD IT TALK)
According to the results published this month in the journal PLoS One Rate can reliably measure respiratory rate by an average of 9.9 seconds. Currently, health care workers often measure respiratory rate by counting breaths of the patient for 60 seconds with a stopwatch.
"Mobile phones are changing the way we manage health care, especially in rural areas and in countries where access to medical equipment limited development," says Dr. Walter Karlen, who co-led the study, Dr. Heng Gan. "With this application, we can in the health sector with few resources provide a faster and more accurate measurements to help them make better decisions, and them. More time with their patientT's"
Dr. Karlen is a postdoctoral UBC. At the time of the study, Dr. Jan was a Fellow of clinical research. Both work with Dr. Mark Ansermino and Dr. Guy Dumont CFRI, UBC and BC Children.
The researchers say that this simple piece, but innovative technology is an important step towards a better diagnosis of children with pneumonia and other respiratory diseases. Pneumonia is the biggest killer of children worldwide, according to the World Health Organization. With early and accurate diagnosis, children with pneumonia often by simple measures, such as antibiotics are saved. ADVERTISING
The route allows workers, respiratory rate touching the screen when the child breathes measure. In addition to the calculation of the inhalation rate for a given time, providing the application to breathe an animation of an infant, which allows the direct comparison with the patient's breathing. A free version is no study on the application available online.
"We rely on the performance of your computer, touch screen and vibration feedback to measure more confidence quickly and respiratory rate," says Dr. Karlen.
The researchers collected data from 30 subjects using the app while you videos of children breathe at different rates. With these findings, an algorithm to produce the application of precise measurements in the shortest time allowed they developed.
The next step in this research is to improve the diagnosis of pneumonia in community resources by combining this application with the Phone Oximeter. Developed by researchers at UBC and CFRI offers phone oximeter, non-invasive measurements of blood oxygen levels with a light sensor and a mobile phone.

Experimentally testing nonlocality in many-body systems

Science has recently published a study by researchers at ICFO carried out in cooperation with the Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of nuclear science, which recognize the ability of non-locality in quantum many-body systems by building Bell inequalities, the only two multi-body correlations.
In quantum theory, particle interactions to create interesting correlations that cannot be explained by any means known in the classical world. These well-known non-local correlations that quantum and classical world, differences in the level of elementary particles. They also have a strong resource in recent years, perfect for this type of real-world applications such as the generation of cryptographic keys, which against any malicious adversaries are certainly perfect, or random numbers that are crucial for cryptography, numerical simulations of complex systems, or fair play. Last but not least, other than entanglement nonlocal correlations should shed new light on our understanding of the physics of quantum many-body states.
An important goal for researchers in this field was to confirm that there really is such a non-local correlations in the journal Nature. Heretofore, attempts have directed for observation, not only a small spot on quantum systems consisting of a small number of particles, so that the complex quantum systems completely unexplored.
(BD IT TALK) This is simply because the familiar tools that can reveal the non-locality, the so-called Bell inequalities include correlations between the many parties that are N body still beyond the reach of current experimental quantum technology systems.
In this study, the research team at ICFO, Jordi Tura Remigiusz Augusiak, website Belen Sainz ICREA and ICFO Antonio Acín Maciej Lewenstein, was developed in collaboration with T. Vertesi Hungarian courses, multi Bell inequalities of quantities constructed along simple measurement correlates of the two bodies . They showed that these inequalities are capable of the properties of the non-locality of quantum states to reveal a lot of interesting points, in particular in relation to nuclear and atomic physics.
They were even able to show, that proposed in this study inequalities could be experimentally verified by measuring all components of the particle rotation, which opens a wide range of new possibilities for experimental proof of non-locality of many organizations of physical systems where the individual particles cannot be taken into account. Possible experimental designs in which these inequalities can be examined include cold atomic clouds and ultracold atomic ensembles, the atoms (Bose Bose or spinor) and systems trapped trapped in the nanostructures atoms oR ions systems. ADVERTISING
In summary, the authors comment: "Our study has shown that the ability to experimentally the existence of non-local correlations in quantum many-body states confirm accessible physicist, before something unimaginable a basic level, experience in this area would certainly new evidence. That quantum theory correctly describes the nature, even if the systems are more complex organisms considered.
(BD IT TALK) In practice, a better characterization of these correlations in many-body systems could not only help you could create new knowledge lead magnetometry to new applications, such as quantum metrology in particular in quantum.
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