Glow in the dark trees

BD IT TALKDutch designer Daan Roosegaarde Alexander Krichevsky and his colleague have a way to get the properties developed splicing jellyfish trees with leaves that illuminate glow in the dark to create. It's great, is innovative and is the creation of a man who is comfortable in a turtleneck jumper and velvet smoking. There is nothing you cannot be happy here.
Roosegaarde first unveiled his idea at SXSW this year. Currently, only a small prototype of a houseplant that works, but the hope for a much quicker release.
(BD IT TALK) To realize this, Roosegaarde worked with the New York University and Krichevsky, whose company unveiled Bioglow genetically modified plants that glow in the dark technology earlier this year.
Krichevsky plants created by "DNA splicing luminous marine bacteria in the chloroplast genome of a plant of the common procedure, so that the stem and leaves little similar to that produced by the light emitting fireflies and jellyfish." Dezeen reported.
If glow in the dark trees had to be planted in the sidewalks around the world, instead of the street lighting, could the potential environmental benefits to be enormous. Not to mention the incredible memories that you are driving intoxicated by the level Rainbow Road in Mario Kart to mention.
You can see an interview with Roosegaarde
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