Google Nexus 5

So we've updated our review with the new phone software, and thankfully things are a lot better now. The battery is improved, the camera a little more stable, and the low cost is resting in place.
You already know we like Android 4.4, the clever implementation and the £ 299 price tag. We love the high-power CPU, the screen quality; even the rubberized outer shell.
You can get the LG G2 for around the same price now though, and did a far superior camera offers, better battery life and a huge slew of additional features - it really depends if you're a fan of the stripped-down experience.
Quick verdict
We're glad to put this smartphone higher up in the rankings, as it's one of the cheapest out there in terms of bang for the buck.
It's a great phone hits the marks did well - it lacks something in terms of innovation, but that's not a problem for those that want to be able to run all manner of apps and games at a decent price. It does not come in at the same price point as previous Nexii, but it's jolly quiet cheap.

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