Budget driverless car

BD IT TALKGoogle driverless car dominated the headlines, but the reality is that it is unlikely that certainly will not be in the near future, and you are in your price range. But initially provided, at least, change seconds. Cruise Automation, San Francisco (where else?) Is the development of an automated car accessory will piece at $ 10,000.
Kyle Vogt, founder of the project, hopes to begin the installation of the invention "RP-1" cars at the beginning of next year. Currently works only on an Audi A4 or S4, but Vogt hopes to change the device so that it can be adapted to any car. Functions in the same manner driverless car Google work because it more sensors to analyze the immediate area for roads and the risk of collision.
Vogt describes his invention as a "driver off the road." That basically means it works as a driving aid, but as a system of acquiring fully responsible behavior. The user will activate built in the location, the system by pressing a button on a car in the intersection, then you can take over the system. The driver can control the car back by pressing the brake pedal or by his hands on the steering wheel.
Incredibly, the project 2013 Vogt and his team day and night began in November worked to realize it and start the intention of the installation in cars early next year. Watch the video
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