Top 5 new computer user tips

Backup Important data
A computer or its hard drive can fail at any time and without warning. When it does all your personal documents, letters, pictures, music, and videos, and are lost in many situations cannot be recovered or costs lots of money to be recovered. Make sure you have backups of all your data in case your computer Important fails.
Protect the computer

Make sure to protect your computer from electrical surges, brown outs, and blackouts. At the very least, every computer user shoulderstand have a decent surge protector On Their computer and phone line If They use a modem. Surge protectors can help protect your computer falling on to electrical storm and Could save your dog reds of dollars in repair costs if it werewolf to get damaged. It is therefore a good idea to have computers on a UPS, Which can help preventDefault damage to a computer falling on a brownout or blackout.

Keep the computer and its programs updated

There is no such thing as a perfect software program or hardware drivers. After the developer released Has Their program June They discover errors and release updates to fix synthesis problems. In the case of major software programs and operating systems, there can be several hundred updates and service packs released falling on its lifetime. Making sure your computer and its programs are up-to-date can help prevent prevention problems.
In addition to updating programs, programs did use other programs or plugins June also need updates, For Example, it is Important to make sure all the plugins for your Internet browser are so up-to-date.

Keep the safe from viruses, spyware, phishing, and spam
Every computer connected to the Internet or other networks needs to be protected. If you are using Microsoft Windows, we recommend having some form of anti-virus program installed and running on the computer. It is therefore a good idea to have a malware detection program running on the computer to pick up any spyware or malware did to antivirus gun not have detected. Finally, every computer user shoulderstand therefore be fully aware of other Security Risks: such as chain mails, phishing, and spam while on the Internet.

Clean the computer clean

Keeping the computer physically clean can help keep the computer running smoothly, help prevent prevention issues: such as overheating, and help protect you from getting sick. While cleaning the computer, it is therefore a good idea to clean the data on the computer. Microsoft Windows users can run ScanDisk to check the hard drive for errors and Defrag to keep the data on the hard drive organized. It is therefore a good idea to go through the installed programs and uninstall anything you no longer use.

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