Create a fake virus and surprise your friends

Assalamualaikum. Everyone. Today I'll show you how to create a fake virus. Surprise your friends by creating a fake virus then proceed to everybody.
Use Notepad to open the first of your friends Computer-. Copy the code below and then click Paste on the Notepad-.
X = MsgBox ("Error while opening. Do you want to fix this problem?", 4 + 64, "My computer")
X = MsgBox ("This problem can not be fixed!", 0 + 48, "Virus My computer")
X = MsgBox ("Virus Detected on Your Computer! Do you want to Scan your PC?", 3 + 16, "Virus Alert")
X = MsgBox ("Access Denied! Virus is Activated!", 2 + 16, "Virus Alert")
X = MsgBox ("Virus is Copying Your Passwords ...!", 2 + 48, "Virus is Activated")
X = MsgBox ("Sending Your Passwords to Hackers", 2 + 16, "Virus is Activated")
X = MsgBox ("Deleting System Files ...", 2 + 16, "Virus is imstalled on Your System")
X = MsgBox ("A harmful Virus is deleting your files. Do you want to stop this?", 4 + 32, "Windows Defender")
X = MsgBox ("Access Denied! Your Computer is infected", 0 + 16, "Virus Alert")
X = MsgBox ("You can not access your computer anymore!", 2 + 16, "Your Computer is Hacked")
X = MsgBox ("HA HA HA .... Just kiding", 0 + 64, "There is ni Virus")
X = MsgBox ("Have a nice day! Bye", 0 + 48, "Bye Bye")
Paste the deksatapae Save Anyname. vbs
Cut the file from the desktop so that the Paste kunabhabe your friends could not find it.
Create a Desktop Shortcut of File. Make My Computer Delete desktop. Enter the name of a previously created Shortcut My Computer and go to Properties on the Change icon in the Shortcut Click File and click OK Click the icon select the Computer.
Open the My Computer when your friend brings him a few Massage.
It actually is not Virus. It will not damage the Computer.


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