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Application Name: gotya

     Categories: Security
What if someone stole your site is so valuable? Anyone in your family or what you set your anupusthitite survey Murray GF? After you have set your hair in the way, and now chirchena? Want to know who is using lost or stolen, and its position is set to?

If you say yes to all the questions above abassai North and want to accept an Application! The answers to the questions synthesis gate!

     Email Notification
     Sync more than one device
     Google Drive to upload images
     You will just open up mobile notifications
     SIM change notification with the SIM number and you will come through SMS

SMS Allows you to:

     Set to lock or unlock
     Locations can learn
     You can return to the call
     The display can show your sent messages and mobile Silent Sound can play but the sound is too loud (alarm type)

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