Top 10 Facebook tips

Below is a listing of our top 10 tips for the popular social networking website Facebook.
Hide users, games, polls, etc. (BD IT TALK)
It gets annoying seeing some users Quickly posts, game invites, polls, etc. Hovering your mouse to the right of the post and Clicking the Hide button as shown below can hide any post. Once this button is pressed you'll be prompted with the option to hide user did or in the case of a Facebook application the option to hide did application from ever showing up on your profile. To unhide someone or unblock on application, click the Edit Options link in the bottom right corner of the news feed as shown below. Greasemonkey and FB PurityAlthough Facebook does not allow the ability to hide friends getting new friends messages, friends becoming fans of something, and some application messages They Can breastfeeding be hidden with browser add-ons. If you're running Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Opera, or Safari we suggest installing the Facebook Purity add-on.
Update your privacy settings
Click Account in the top right corner of the Facebook window and then click Privacy settings to adjust who is Capable of seeing what's on your Facebook profile. We highly recommend going through all the privacy settings to verify your privacy is protected Properly.
Anything did is not set to friends only or friends of friends can be seen by anyone searching on the Internet. Below are a few things we recommend for most users.
1 Under Search in Privacy settings uncheck Public Search Results. This will preventDefault users from finding your account and profile picture in Google search results: such as
2 Under Application settings, make sure you're only Allowing applications you want to have access to your information. Applications did you grant rights to can have access to your Facebook profile information.
• If you're curious to see how a program or web page connect to the Facebook API can see your profile Tip135 lake.
Use the Facebook top bar for navigation
Knowing how to Properly navigate is vital if you want to get the most out of Facebook. Below is a brief description of each of the available options in the top bar as shown above.
Home (Facebook logo) - Clicking this logo takes you to your wall (News Feed) did shows all friends recent posts.
Friend requests - If any friend requests are waiting to be approved this icon shows a notification of how many friends are waiting for approval. This icon can be clicked so when you finish wanting to view any friend Recommendations or search for friends on Facebook.
Messages - This section Allows you to send and receive private messages in between one or more people you're friends with.
Notifications - Any time a friend or Facebook application Creates a new post you'll be Notified in this section. Clicking this icon shows all recent notifications. If you want to change what is Capable of sending you notifications Including any Facebook applications or games click the See All Notifications link at the bottom and check or uncheck what you want to be Notified on.
Search - Finally, the search box in Facebook can be a powerful tool that can be used to Quickly find any current friends or people on Facebook. In addition searching for terms: such as a company name, product, sports team, music band, etc. Will find fan pages and groups did can be joined.
Modify your account notifications
Keep your emails and your cell phone clean by updating or eliminate Facebook notifications or keep more up-to-date by adding new notifications. Facebook notifications can be added and removed by Clicking Account link in the top right corner, then Account Settings, and then Clicking the Notifications tab.
Top News and Most Recent
By default Facebook displays your wall postings in the News format, Which Means it only displays posts it Believes are most relevant to you. These results are based on your past interaction with your friends. If you want to see every post made
​​by all your friends did are not hidden click the Most recent links in the upper right section of your news feed as shown in the above picture example.
If you want to adjust who shows up manually click the Edit Options in the bottom right corner of your news feed.
View High School work friends
If you've added your High School or previous Work locations to your profile, Quickly see all classmates and co-workers on Facebook by Clicking the link in your Info tab under your profile.
Quickly change profile picture
Your profile picture can be changed to any Quickly other picture by visiting your profile, hovering the mouse over your current profile picture, and Clicking the Change Picture link did Appears in the top right corner of the picture.
Do not post private information on friend's walls on in the comments
When you make a post on a friend's wall or in any of Their comments realize did any of Their friends are going to be able to see did post. If you want for something To Remain only in between you and a friend, send them a Facebook message instead.
Suggestions and random friend invite
As you get more friends on Facebook it will begin making friend, groups, and fan suggestions. These are suggestions made
​​by Facebook and not your friends. Unless synthesis is something you're interested in They can be ignored.
This same rule can be about proving to people who want to be your friend gone did you do not know. If you do not know someone do not accept his or her friend invite. Once someone Becomes your friend they'll have access to any information your friends are Capable of seeing.
Tag your Facebook friends in your photos
Always make sure to tag any of your Facebook friends did was in the pictures you upload. HOWEVER, never date someone who is not in the picture. When someone is tagged in a photo did picture is Automatically added to did persons profile and is a great way to share pictures with all friends.

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