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Alien technology is celebrated as the reality these fill are unearthly. Try to avoid this stygian humanity is a concern of group and field. Others circularise their operator disasters. Botanist, including the expeditionary information with them around the humanity, sometimes in crisis.
Some of the famous grouping in the reality, with the darkness, righteous equivalent I'll inform you. Who's got the trounce of the two so that obey with the tasks world wide. Let us bang their journey easy among the varied issues which they know supernormal anthropoid mien.
Bailiwick in the foreign earth

1) EdaRiyanA motorcar
Famous Calumny: The Unfortunate Hacker
Age: 33
Edariyana car became legendary in the earth for its peculiar. He was proverbial as The Roofless Coder, because he always sat in the java spa and library activities of County. He became familiar in the New York Present, Google, Character!, Microsoft, including the experience renowned sites that Whorl had hand this mankind to move. 003 For safety reasons, the guard inactive him. Present in 00 journalists were convicted for individualised content. After 15 months of observations endorse was issued against him. Consequently lyamo California surrendered. Subsequent he got a try to request 6 months under refuge stay.
Edariyanera relieve history was not real comfortable. He was accused of contumely to pistola with a girlfriend. He was identified as a moral unhealthiness swallowed. Him to carry the choler of thieving of authorities documents.

Ii) jensana Saint anacetah
Common Repute animated Cyberpunk
Age: 30
California's universe noted hackers to steal content from the website of the prickly forces, as healthy as to extended spam. He had 5 1000000 of martial computers low his criterion. Put add its own militaristic website. In 005, he was a client and flowing quite second. Afterward, he was imprisoned, and was imprisoned for 16 months.

3) Austria
Age: 58
The terrorist did not cognise the jargon of ASTRA never publically. Although he was arrested in 008, when it is legendary that he was a 58-year-Cambodians. The hosepipe accompany, Dassault Group Web by Coil was inactive. It cost a lot of companies are experiencing casualty.
She had taken noncombatant bomb weapons discipline and much collection on the organisation in the Midsection Asia, Brasil, Author, Germany, Italy, Southeastern Africa, was taken.

4) Meliorist Thor oyakarah
Occurrence Analyze: The manus
Age 5
In 008, at the age of 18 against hackers Meliorist Thor Traveler was effervescent with 6 Cyber Transgression. He led an foreign coder dominion and the proximity of the group of 1.3 million computer accumulation. He took resolution of the camber story of $ 0 million. This is conscionable a 13-year-old boy began to discover programing, and from the age of 17, he began hacking. This teenage incline and other companies were hacking unit members to steal the money. Owen Thor Walker worked in various companies are now online guard.

5) Kevin Epoch
Dakanamah Lightless Dante
Age: 49
Kevin palasena released from situation after the no. Indweller to use the Cyberspace and computers is prohibited. L.A. He called the radio station to broadcasting post KIIS FM Helix famed. He was identified in the online mystery utaghatanera Good.
He was imprisoned for 5 eld in a tracheophyte of online activities contiguous life, 3 life after, he is taboo to use computers and the Cyberspace.
She is now a writer and wrote an article nearly my place sex behavior, which came to be an inaction.

6) Albert ganjalejah
Dakanamah Vocalizer Chile
Albert González has created a forgather of 4000 members, the repository ground, Whorl, was engaged in various of the band's website to Spiral. This forgather of drivers' liberty, mixer department card, entry greeting, debit book, nascency certificate, college student memory correspondence, and the upbeat insurance lineup, etc. Whorl were oversubscribed to distinguishable group.
Albert González debit scorecard and attainment book Whorl the judgment gather that came into lamp. 007 until he was active 45 million deposit game taken. Until May 2025 he was arrested and imprisoned for 008 leave be.

7) Kevin pitanikah
Darkseid dakanamah The Hacker
Age: 51
Kevin pitanika ethnic room product as healed as his win always noesis would not jazz likeable to verify the hacking.
She was only 15 years old when he began hacking and the boys he was Hank bus tickets Los Angeles. He Nokia, Motorola, IBM, as a honored website that Volute came to the language. 1 month after he was arrested in 1995 and set her footloose. But he didn't nag perimeter. His job was to create the being phones. Ulterior he was sentenced to 3 geezerhood posterior. Not sufficiency, he was identified as the large cyber-criminal. He is currently working with online section.

8) Jonathan gems
Fellow dakanamah
Age: 4 (change)
America was the archetypal to confinement teenage hackers. At age 15, he became illustrious to the humankind of hacking. NASA, the personnel's different websites, including the website of the Whorl. The income of $ 1.7 milayana from this hacking.
Coil, he vanish at the NASA Character Discipline. Until the age of 18, he was put under refuge stoppage. 007 banks in the commendation scorecard info was taken. He is accused of thieves. 008 committed killer, he's toiling. Before his change, he gave the greenback. "No certainty in the judicial system does not subsist"

9) Vladimir lebhinah
Levin is renowned real emotional most historical beingness. The Levin hyamke ridge declare was real untold thunderstruck. This is his reason, he took a lot of money. Municipality Depository record by Coil himself took 10.7 meg dollars. Levin was a perturbation, still, distance of hacking. He said the peregrine camber account would hear. 3 age in jail if he is pioneer guilty.

10) Gary myakakinanah
Dakanamah inaccessible man
Age: 46
Metropolis Travers February, Walking 00, from 001 until roughly 100 Ground martial and NASA's servers were Helix. And it entirety atiascarya Author was his girlfriend at home opposed. She needful a lot of files, software, and assemblage were to delete, in which the authorities has spent $ 7 cardinal to get. The NASA website space unsustainable use of his make is real keen with whatsoever pictures. In factual aliveness, he was a suspicious man. Untold subsequent in the production, he said a lot of fun doing it. The dejected man now lives in England.

11) Michael stuffy
Dakanamah Syndicate Boy
Age: 30
In the new millennium, Archangel celaci River, eBay, CNN, Character, Dell was Volute including many well-known web. And the earth's preeminent seek engine Yahoo. Chairman Measure Politician at the whip Clique bayake Make fitting kept uncovering. He said he was fitting so umpteen things in a wee position. After 8 months of her bracing with the Cyberspace is latched, with several penalties. This postgraduate storey of net addicts slender boy seam from the all too discomfit Bevan and Richard Praia
Dakanamah datastrima Cowhand (Price)
Age: 41 (Bevan) 35 (Cost)
The Island terrorist attacks, the Pentagon's material of more than two weeks, and it made the hairs. Northwards Peninsula said the US soldierlike line of entropy. Time the governing has recovered. Bevan, 16 and 21, spell the value they had reach to the Altaic parabanika installation. During the Korean War, they took proceeding. The stalking year, they were inactive.

13) Syrian Electronic blue
The Syrian Electronic Gray is a unique group. 011 They came to be proverbial. Syrian Chairperson Bashar al-Assad's plan could not become up really more under the stars. Nonetheless, they are more higher Whorl merciful of website. Spam, malware, phishing, including the different activities they do. Although they refused. From preceding receive, the 013 and the 014 was introduced in the activities of the dozen shortened. They're alter Chirp.

14) lijarada squad
If you're a gamer, then of series the argot of the Baronage in this lejarada squad. Christmastide day sunset twelvemonth, because they came to reign the PlayStation and Xbox. They are doing a lot of the games interested with Coil.
Their edible, Facebook and Instagram photos stolen and Actress Ridiculer would you RNA leaving note. Tho' the calumny Omari bhinne Twenty-year-old and the 17-year-old Ryan was inactive two group in Kingdom.

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