Today there isn't a doubt that the Ekushey Feb. But there are doubts with regard to the identity of the Daytime. Today is the daytime of martyrdom, is not the language within the Day, or International Woman Language Day? Identity extremely important for us?
Basically, it is impossible that will answer. Because we consider history to see, every last Ekushey February 6 yrs is good, but it was not the same throughout the day, I. d, or its interpretation was uniform forever. Different times within the day and have to elucidate why it's important.
In 195 1 and in the mail, February 22, demanding Baltimore of bloodshed that developed, it was completely out of the blue and absolutely unprecedented. There is nowhere else worldwide, especially in a language the official language of the demand was an extremely tumultuous movement; Shot and killed someone who was trying that will repress the movement. (Later. ) Clearly there was no political motive, February was the motive behind the movement of most single-mother tongue, the genuine language maryadadanera be extracted. He did politician's leadership, led the students. Shoppers the "root of any movement was a political movement which would not be in Chile. For my part, the government demands binaural exercise after students of Urdu and even in the Bengali terms movement bamdhata state grant is not going to become increasingly strong. Even in the next two decades that have happened, and what it is doing is suspected.
Binaural Ekushey Feb, the day after any sudden movement of the blood isn't just the students, in overall, there was widespread help support peoples. But despite the popularity within the movement was limited that will those teachers and students during the city. If the government thinks to be low tide, when the movement of capital movements and flourish from now on, will not, do possibly not be surprised. That's why the government couldn't want to compromise during your studies to solve the predicament, but rather sought that will suppress the movement for several professors and chatranetake in jail. This step had a bit of success. The police in jail the movement of trainees, then the result was initially subdued.
But the students really enjoy the Bengali language was initially weak or claims in the state they had possibly not forgotten him, it will come across as Ekushey February next year or so. The day before, he previously to prepare the students to observe the proper dignity, and for ever may attain government polices. That is, at the period, what will be called for, it had to manifest as a pause. In general, one simple was identified in the first 'Ekushey February' name. Abdul Gaffar Chowdhury, his songs which include "Ekushey February, " she said. The next year or so, the group's name was initially Hasan Hafizur Rahman Ekushey Feb.
Martyrs' Day, the identity was still popular, any 'martyr' quick response 195 Earliest notice on February 3. The main shot went over any students, the students, their selves, the tower was inbuilt the memory of consumers killed, they gave her the name 'Shaheed Minar. Meet the language exercise martyrs of the deceased and also the name of the daytime was the Ekushey Feb. 195-53 in the Bengali language within the people of the completely province was love, it had become a sleepy. It just couldn't understand the government. Aren't able to assume that the ice balls shall be from small to great and continuous movement could spread beyond the boundaries within the city in the state. Is feeling the movement of ordinary those that never thought about trainees who show strong help support. They feel themselves couldn't think they were a handful of bricks that made a depiction Shaheed Minar, one day it should become a huge sarcophagus.
The government did not understand the importance of this movement was initially still withholding, the demand and the backyard garden the conventional scheme amtachila ınstead of Urdu. Among these were the lyrics of daily work, and even coins and notes, postcards together with envelopes, money order forms together with other documents of public using of Urdu with English, but really don't use Bengali; Arabic or simply English to Bengali script, took the initiative to put in writing; Public media such mainly because radio and Mahe are selecting the Bengali language, Arabic and Persian words imported obsolete; Giving extra great need of textbooks in Pakistan's territorial condition; Removing the name for Rabindranath Iqbal's name regarding. But the government is actually not able to plot any Bengali language deficits during the Bengalis love, make really enjoy, not Urdu.
That is certain, the Bengali language within the people's love, how full and how strong any emotion, Do you understand the government would adopt a different sort of strategy. Bengali language, people could receive a sincere love for the government to use the solutions, the methods applied in the next year, 1954 provincial election, the combined opposition (Front).
The election was won by way of the United Front is more or less unilaterally. Election manifesto was the monopoly within the United Front. And, one or more point in the twenty-first round within the Bengali language of the state and the Bengali terms and literature studies. United Front to your election of the Bengali language employed on the people live together with passion. Despite winning the Nationalized United Front government couldn't last long, but the Bengali Academy initially founded in 1956 as one of the state constitution, the say was accepted. Without it all, it was constructed in 1958 within the Shahid Minar.
That may seem apparent among the many states in the Bengali term movement to recognition everywhere from the termination of 195 days or weeks. But it did possibly not happen. Its causes, Bengali, which received the recognition as the state close the documents. Urdu as well as English when the language of government activities was a priority, he retains his the law thakalai; Could take benefit for the rights of any Bengali.
But the governing administration disregarded the Bengali network, or the victim associated with a conspiracy, it is the language within the educated and illiterate so that the day it was true love that man. Its exponents were taking place often. Such as the baby's name, the name, some Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore together with Nazrul Islam writers well known birthdays, Christmas is a celebration within the season, Rabindra and najarulagiti any Bengali music, car registration number and store during Bengal were gradually end up fashionable. Cultural trends, and even those relating to any demand for autonomy for East Pakistan was raised during the elections in 1954, the day these became strong. Above most of, the United Front government during the introduction of martial laws in 1958, economic inequality between Eastern and Western Pakistan and East Pakistan when the separatist political attitudes together with attitude gave birth into the movement of twenty together with the twenty-one symbol of encouragement and encouragement received within the Shaheed Minar. Shaheed Minar sapathamance has become political-political movement.
I have mentioned before, the official Bengali term movement was the appreciation within the goal. Within a decade, he was OK popular. But in another strategy phalechila greater results. Pakistan soon led movement which had been formed with the aim of Pakistan, it's the reverse of the way. Keep in thought process, Pakistan was established based on religious politics-what happened. Around 5 percent of the population was non-Muslim East. Even now, according to the political blueprint was to generally be the Bengali Muslim 3rd party Homeland. A quarter of the place's non-Muslim population of Pakistan's front-runners had the dream to migrate to signify fear. Hindu riots in 1950 to enhance the indirect evidence. Hindus and Muslims were forced to drive on the reverse within the correctness of the operation and also so-called Muslim Bengali tutor state-Urdu, Bengali Muslims towards Pakistani true. Ayub Khan had planned to name the after that decade Pakistani Muslim Bengali term.
But mixing Urdu, Bengali Muslim Bengali language movement is not going to take seven or eight hundred years it was written during the Bengali language and booklets, began to study any pure Bengal. Bengali terms and literature, became an object within their pride. That the non-Muslim poets Rabindranath extended distance was feeling kind of look at the Muslims, they do not frequently feel the influence of language, it has quickly begun to change. No religious poet-fictionists than their identity when the Bengalis took prominence. Thereby, a strong secular Bengali term movement in East Pakistan, gave birth into the spirit. Political and economic differences are linked to the movement was born, he will not say one word of mouth: Bengali nationalist movement.
Thereby, in 195, and its limited goal within the Language Movement, the five-seven years, it was expanded towards a great extent. And I was the only goal of Bengal in the state, but his search for achieving the banaliyana. Thinkings, consciousness, movement-balane attire-hope, Decoration and social Happening Foods banaliyanara everywhere automobile started to impress. He spent with the politics for East Bengal claimed equality and autonomy combative.
Briefly so that the independence of Bangladesh was the name within the one-Shaheed Day Ekushey Feb identity; His goal: February to commemorate the martyrs within the independence movement banaliyanara practices as well as gain inspiration.
After the independence of Bangladesh during the day there was confusion with regards to the name. It's one within the reasons, 'martyr' was designed to extend the day. Shahid said that when he died, and any language of movement, has not really meant to them, that is, the few hundred thousand individuals were killed during the liberation struggle, they have a good bond. Him, 'Martyrs' Day' and therefore it was not likely that ETV phebruyarikei knowledge. Moreover, with the political wind blowing, was included to the slowdown.
Newspaper ahead of my old files, so I am unable to say exactly. But It is my opinion the general idea is certainly: the North-Mujib banaliyanaya period occurs as soon as the tide falls, and its devote the great flood for communalism, 'Martyrs' Day' into the name occurs in any conspiracy. Martyr's Day instead of the government from the 'Language Day' conscious effort to turn the thing runs. From was the careful attempt to cut out non-banaliyanara spirit. It was started and continued through Samurai sword-PRESIDENT President Ershad. In actual fact, they do not tell the truth is continued one step over leader said. Twenty banaliyana together with secular culture, he tried that can put out roots. Martyrs' Daytime, which is not a lot of brilliant symbol of cosmopolitanism, who had been killed during the term movement, rather than persuade, their 'souls for sadgatira' shows the Islamic ceremony. And the second was a symbol for cosmopolitanism, they hit over the sword comes down. Martyrs' Day could vary greatly goal.
Twenty-name once again at risk of UNESCO at the end within the early nineties, when any February International Mother Terms Day was declared. Kanadabasi two Bengali-Salam together with Rafiqul Islam February World Mother Language Day was initially proposed to UNESCO and even to receive. UNESCO and also the Government of Bangladesh that used to be accept the offer. But our country is because of misunderstanding of the daytime, date, and purpose within the name. Mother Language Day gatherings Ekushey February decision was that most people think of our Martyrs Day celebrations globally realize that the judgement was taken. So we remember some of our martyrs day boycott was known as the International Mother Terms Day.
In fact, in order to take this day as Mother Language Day at UNESCO has argued to be the world, many people have never witnessed their own mother tongue. So a year to not overlook a day over the following few officially mother tongue of a man to exercise increases awareness and respect meant for mother would wake. Together in, Ekushey February demanding bleeding occurred during the native language of Pakistan, she was selected due tarikhatakei Ekushey Feb as International Mother Terms Day.
Many of any International Mother Language Daytime, instead of Martyrs' Daytime were considered more important. But we Ekushey Feb as International Mother Language Day stands out as the day we celebrate, especially the dignity of all of our native who died, take into account them.

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