While using year 2014 behind people, all my fellow HPC consumers, practitioners and of course enthusiasts can have reflected upon the conclusion in the last Supercomputing conference, affectionately seen to all as SC14. It’s theme was the widely used hashtag - #HPCmatters - and me that represented numerous important elements. First coming from all, this is a clear recognition we are retuning our community’s focus such that it must be clear to the world at large, that this is something that is important in people’s lives along with by direct impact (borrowing from one of several highlight events title: HPC Result Showcase) to global modern society. Earlier efforts were centred on developing technologies as well as merely acknowledging the drive of technology, leading for you to dramatic performance gains. The other aspect was there were less harping for the anxiety towards heading inside ExaScale directions. While several may hasten to indicate that efforts have not slackened and I truly do not even imply that will, but to me it demonstrates we play an undeniable & strong role in helping shape the future that is certainly why we matter.
The conference keynotes are often the simplest way to gauge how well the theme has articulated. I would heartily claim that indeed this year it was perhaps the best choice of many possible very good selections. In the SC14 HPC Things Plenary, “The Importance involving Supercomputers in Society, ” Dr. Eng Lim Goh (SGI) along with Piyush Mehrotra (NASA) made it easier for kick this off adequately, sharing with us numerous instances of how HPC did subject. I enjoyed the way they got abundantly inspiring to we all, and I plan to write about some of the in this forum and also in ‘Innovative uses of HPC’ in the near future. Perhaps the best conversation delivered was that with the made-famous-by-TV Dr. Brian Greene, who many can have seen on ‘The Classy Universe’ and ‘The Fabric in the Cosmos’ books and string. I did approach this with a certain amount of trepidation, after all he is often a well know theoretical physicist and the topic of string theory gets even essentially the most ardent fan of science into a certain amount of twist (pun intended). However he did the position well, and thru the application of very rich visual media aids (helped certainly by HPC engines running inside background or during the past at scores of HPC centers), for the 1st time, made me feel certain that there was quite a lot to appreciate in this specific new physics being recommended. It was also gratifying to listen for him say, that without HPC it's unlikely that any of what he said would've even been possible. Pushing the boundaries involving human knowledge at a real dizzying space has certainly not been seen or seasoned before, and we owe all this to #HPCmatters!
Having sorted out that, I personally felt until this edition of SC14 was the most effective run and managed coming from all. Starting with the spot, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA or popularly seen to everyone as NOLA, was a most wonderful choice. The weather was excellent - neither too scorching nor too cold. A convention center that had everything a single place, although admittedly, we managed to turn into a lot healthier in the process- being forced to walk to many considerably flung locations, but usually within the same roof. Let us talk somewhat about the exhibits, because they are a major thrust for 90% in the crowd. I will mention conference swag a lttle bit here, since many in the young HPC attendees always apparently delight in this, though the selfie taking stick was the most unusual giveaway. That proves in my opinion that we are not only a pure nerdy or nerdy crowd, but one that accurately mirrors society at large. Of course with yearly, USB sticks (or thumb/pen drives when they like to call these people in Europe/Asia) grow in capacity with on a yearly basis; I think 16 GiB was the most important being given away by the certain European booth. But all the exhibits were the best size, reflecting their sponsor’s penetration of commitment to HPC. There were no showy booths or exhibits that were too much. They should continue that trend mainly because it helps keep things wonderful and desirable. The HPC community is just about the most hardworking bunch of folks and Let me also share they do discover how to enjoy themselves too. Numerous cultural events were in all places, but perhaps the fishing boat ride on Sunday, ahead of the conference, was a great one. Who can overcom the NOLA music, local eats and smell in the river spray thrown up with the huge wooden paddles? A nod on the organizers who held the regular Thursday night gala, which has a brilliant NOLA flavor, full of Mardi Gras like surroundings? I enjoyed listening on the palm readers, along using bites of mufulleta sandwiches (a community specialty).
More along the technical side of things, it was very gratifying to see quite a lot of technical space devoted on the now prominent issue involving cooling and managing your demand placed by HPC stores. Both in terms involving exhibit space and cells, the latter was extremely necessary to this writer, that the industry is tackling this issue and they are actually delivering solutions, an entirely variety of them way too. This was on Thurs night, while on Friday there were also the classic ‘Survivor’ fashion HPC debate, while a lttle bit silly, was none your less, quite a amount of fun, as it showed you can mix humor and business as well. Lastly I would remiss only did not mention yet another well attended panel, RETURN from Academic Supercomputing, something I mean to follow up on, as this is an issue that in the writes humble opinion works extremely well by everyone in the community to rebut and establish themselves resistant to the dreaded lurching pen in the accounting budget cost blades.
During the week, this writer volunteered time with the SC14 Job Fair and without the help of objective numbers, was delighted to view (compared to SC13) the almost 4X increase inside activity. Several more potential hiring desks and a ton of eager candidates, informs me we are past the woes associated with an economy holding back HPC. Most likely, I will get email telling me that this TOP500 list growth won't seem to indicate that will, I would counter that this list reflects many things: technology, spending, latency in HPC spending plus the time it shows way up, etc. There were major press releases of mind boggling systems that is to be delivered in 2016 along with 2017, so that need to put to rest, fears that HPC is just not growing.
In summary, I still find it fair to say that will everyone enjoyed SC14 along with took away something beneficial. I look forward on the SC15 edition, which is going to take place in Austin, Colorado (much warmer too! ). That you should a very transforming expertise! MORE INFORMATION CLICK HERE
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