How to speed up Android Smartphone

                                              How to speed up Android Smartphone

BD IT TALKSmartphone Apps are found almost everywhere, from low-to high-end Smartphone. They slow down time; that is why it is important to the softness of the Smartphone next few simple steps to keep the mentioned in this article.


                      1. Smartphone updates the firmware. The firmware fixes a delay, errors and other problems that cannot be taken into account. The questions were relatively regularly so that regular updates to get the most for your cell phone. 


2. Put your Android phone. Reset will erase everything and bring your phone to the original "as new". This is a temporary option because of how you use your phone, will remain as it is used to do. (Eg, passwords will be stored in the browser) Backing up your contacts, notes and important information before you start this step.


3. Check the internal memory. Low internal memory could be the reason for serious, that your cell phone from his delays. Move your media (photos, MP3s, videos, etc.) to the external memory, usually an SD card. Some low-end and mid-range smart phone may already low internal memory, in this case, move the files from the SD card will not help much.

4.The Play Store finds useful applications.
Potential applications that can help includ

• selecte
d for older phones, a task killer applications Auto Kills every "n" seconds or minutes. This creates space in RAM, so that the phone works faster.
• A good antivirus program: Scan your phone for possible viruses and malware.
These are the phone slo


A boot loader: Stop number of applications start automatically when the phone starts.
• Defender juice Application: It gives the phone more juice from the battery to stop the services and applications.
• A filter cover (can be done automatically, too): Clean the phone's cache.
• A request for applications on the SD card: Move some applications to the SD card (if have inserted). It also speeds up the phone.
• Application of Parts: Gives more options to configure your phone as fast and window animation transition.

5. You do not uninstall unused applications.
6. Restart the phone. This is only temporary, but it works! Root Rooting Phone

 7. Gives you more options for your mobile phone. While rooting is a risky solution is not as risky as it used to be. Rooting process might brick phone failed (ie not work properly.) In addition, a root with success will void the warranty. However, you can always unroot the phone (and you restore the guarantee because the manufacturer does not say if you are not rooted your phone or). Here is a list of things you can do after the root of your phone:
• with over clocking your processor. Ultimately, this will speed up your phone, but the battery juice before eati

• You can

also install a custom ROM. The ROM is installed primarily on your Android phone version. A custom ROM is not official, but some of them are better. While this may solve many of their problems Android smart phone, including offset and a new version of Android, which is risky a very advanced solution, and is not recommended, because sometimes the custom ROM cannot be stable, or corrupted and missing features in the official ROM.
 The ability to delete unwanted preinstalled applications. If you want some applications to realize two things to remove:
or upload a backup application, such as Titanium Backup before the application (if you want to restore later) to delete.

•Do not remove any application of the system since the launcher or the status bar.
• Rooting them also has access to advanced applications, such as calling the root blocker, ad blocker and notification normal memory manager root. The memory manager root is better than the automatic application task killer usually.


• The rooting and installing a custom ROM, advanced solutions. Better try other options before rooting to see whether or not to help you. If you want to speed up even a little more, you can root your phone.
• On as defined in the standard configuration application, the device will not damage without root. If you are not willing to eradicate your phone are again, it is best to look for more space to uninstall applications.
• After successful installation is indicated by the use of SU (super user). You can also play a corrective root memory to ensure that you have root access or not have won (sometimes the symbol SU on the list of applications by Unrooting)

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