AMD says its next PC chip trumps Intel with 12 'compute cores' and smoother gaming

BD IT TALK Ten years ago, the first AMD dual-core x86 processor has brought us. Then, beginning in 2008, the company came out with tri-core and quad-core designs in rapid succession, leading to octa-core FX-2011 series of chips and the latest gaming consoles that work with AMD. Today we are experiencing a jump costs, although it did want to take a bit of explanation: called An intelligent and portable computers Kaveri, containing up to four processor cores and eight cores GPU and gives them levels of independence calculation unprecedented research that AMD feels entitled to the together than a dozen describe "core calculation."
absurd marketing? Not necessarily. AMD at least be transparent in their thinking, and besides, if you followed our coverage of HSA project of society, and GPU computing in general, then you do not know that there is a real technology, the idea underlying GPU cores for something otherwise used as 3D rendering. But even if you do not go for the whole thing 12-core, AMD is silent promise, based on price and performance of Kaveri - correspond, for example, not on Intel chips are much more (greater office cost Kaveri variant only $ 173 compared to $ 242 for a Core i5 Haswell), and you can download the latest games at 30fps to play without the need for a separate graphics card. These statements can not - and will - be tested.
Calculate "scores" 


Start with the theoretical things, but is largely theoretical until more software is, it can make use of. The reason called AMD Core GPU Kaveri "cores" is what should be fundamentally different GPU cores in other PC processors. This difference lies in the factthat they are able to function as equal citizens, are: Instead of orchestrating on the CPU on their workload, have direct access to system memory and the tasks independently - almost like making a CPU core The only difference is thatthey can not afford. the same type of tasks that the CPU because it better suited for simple tasks instead of the complicated set of parallel processing.
In this state, software developers are now able to take advantage of GPU computing for general use tools such as OpenCL, which can be used for anything Photoshop to take speed up large tables. But OpenCL requires enormous amounts of code and thousands were ineffective cooperation between the GPU and the CPU - all of which end of the month, AMD said is significantly reduced if the developers keep ontological HSA. That's a big "if," of course, but now that AMD has released a group of partners in the HSA Foundation hired, and now, what has kept millions of households of game consoles next-generation silicon, the interest of the developer rather Kaveri cores and make some future test results at least.


We mindthat depends primarily on the results of AMD in the house of proof for the moment, until the independent experts have their line graphs, we see that claim based on Intel as undercutting Kaveri a game graphic above shows an upscale Kaveri face A10-7850K i5-4670K for games (played or at least close to max settings - there is some ambiguity there, but does not affect the comparison) against Intel Core at 1080p with max settings. In each case, the processor on a discrete graphics card is connected, AMD Radeon mid-range 270X R9, probably because to avoid most private amateurs, solely on integrated graphics. As you can see, Intel has never add anything before in a number of games, but by a wide margin, on the Intel chip suggesting spending $ 70 is not much more to the experience.
Energy efficiency and integrated graphics 

Besides the relevance of games Kaveri, when combined with a discrete graphics card, beats the previous slide that the chip is a Core i5 Haswell on synthetic tests, probably factthat so advantageous because of I have a great GPU to the Intel processor Find. Kaveri made in the accounts of the GPU 47 percent of all the transistors of the chip (more than a billion in total), and is potentially very important to run games without a separate video card, with energy savings and money while much smaller Taking PC. In practice, we played through a level of BioShock Infinite 1080p with low values, with Kaveri runs a little cooler than others, and I experienced a constant frame rate of 30 fps. This is something, therefore AMD said it on other great titles like Battlefield 4 possible What is the free group with high-end chips Kaveri boxes, but again, you must be willing to accept low detail settings.
For the sake of balance, it is important to note that you will probably be done more energy efficient in their own right for the Intel chip. Haswell has less transistors (1.4 instead of 2.3 billion billion Kaveri) transistors and are much smaller (22 nm instead of 28 nm), which is a reduction of the energy consumption of the shoulder - which is especially important when thinking or hybrid phone / Tablet versions synthesis chips, in particular not necessarily focus on 3D graphics (or, equivalently, that the search for all tasks delegated GPU separately).
Coat and True Audio

  Speaking of Battlefield 4 perfectly reaches the other major claim to fame Kaveri - and an application is made, it requires a leap of faith, there is much less than the HSA. You see, Battlefield 4 is a growing of a number of games thatwill benefit from a programming tool called AMD-coat, which promises significant performance gains, even in low-power (eg HTPC and laptop) versions of the chip. Manto works on any graphics card AMD Graphics Core Next was (GCN) of the latest architectural and graphics processor as Kaveri is based on GCN, Manto can games and applications optimized to run whatever BF4 made to performance increases to 45 percent up to 300 percent in the RTS games on the new game engine is running (if it is his last update Manto this month reached) and Swarm star. (For more information about Manto, read this.)
Finally, in addition to coat, Kaveri and brings another feature of AMD graphics cards: True Audio. This is a programmable processor dedicated audio chip in the felt and improves game audio decoding data point (delivery sounds a sense of direction and distance), and thus the total number of votes to increase and the effects can not be heard both.
Wrap yourself

  Kaveri apparently took four years to develop because of all the extra ontological Gubbins AMD has rolled, including HSA, cape and Real Audio. This explains why Kaveri chips have a much higher price than its predecessor, Richland: The A8-7600 is lower specced start at $ 119 up to $ 152 for the A10-7700K and, as mentioned, the flagship $ 173 A10. It is worth the money? Expect a summary of the independent expert review sites before making a final decision, but it seems that AMD has some smart additions for this generation, which could increase its value. It looks like a processor of traditional games at the moment, especially if you intend it to a Radeon graphics card, allowing two graphics cards (add with GCN GPU cores and GPU Kaveri discrete effect) link but you need more fur compatible to see and Software with HSA before we are willing to believe that you can do against Intel in the computer in general.

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