The range 51

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At the beginning of the range 51? As an American airbase in Area 51 secret, so secret that people knew prior to the 1988 E-do. What is the size of a distant thought, but he did not know that someone in the outside world inside. Know-how, outside the strict security measures, so difficult that way, you will not be invited to speak to you, when they came, and drew Dhusa! Now you can say, Brother, everything you read and waited to pull me why? To sign because they gave each of earning sinanaya Darren Show If I had waited so oyarnim, you need to stop on the hard drive technology and the White House, eat and mesh. Here, what is it? Ideas at a later time or the next time here in America, the bachelor is created the Edict of new technologies for the study of air.(BD IT TALK) The government came to know the true story. It's in a secret place, no doubt, but why the place was so secret, why? Sold eyes behind us, 40 years after the U.S. and Russia on a calatechi Cold War, which had the power more, I do not have a forest of two tigers in the world are, the more energy kamarakamari it is transmitted. It must be shown that if the energy. Russia seemed to show how, in 1957, 04 October playing the "Sputnik" sends the first satellite in the sky. Pale fear that the U.S. space forced dominated by the left Russia, the end of the Tai. U.S. aviation studies, the situation is bad, a good number of hours for the end of the earth yeyei missiles. In the meantime, you can re-speak the Russian missile base Cade will be anywhere in the world by Chad Uraya because many of the dynamics that even when the card (which is the driving force behind the site is at high speed at the bottom of the second Reading of 9 up 8 meters more massive objects, the higher the rate, M is the mass, momentum and speed of the product), both the wire and missile circa thamaite speed Tara can go. U.S. hands over, stop Russian jets. And what "Apollo 11" America Cade, where we saw pictures of the car, I gave Bahaba. Gechilo really? Brother Ray eyapola not sent created haichilo true, bat fallen to about the orbit of the earth. Hip then saw the pictures of the brothers? Here efficiency brother Ray, Chad, Azerbaijan these fake pictures are taken in 51 years in this field. Brother Murray Mulish or pressure? No image or Hip phenacetin hours after the satellite view of the area within a radius of 51 holes were found in But two of them shows Academe not fake and I Michail created within firing range near 51. Summer writing about it. Area 51 is a secret research. Listen to drone robot name or the area of ​​the base 51 and dies. Area 51 gets a new man in 1988 when he first said, this work in Russia and the region satellites to reveal the word image. We are now on Google Maps, we can take a short two ideas. 3701436 Area 51 is 0.5 "north latitude and 11,504,841 16" W (37 ° 14'36.52 "N, 115 ° 48'41.16" W) with the coordinates from Google Earth to take pictures of the length of the region. Now another question. Area 51 spoke at the plateau in the world or society, seat sidebar Surrey America is truly a rumor, no one here is as the land of a UFO or are forced by staring or related research, it is now so "no evidence, however, it is available . However, is one of the people who work outside of the box 51, and after the announcement of the thing, be the autumn near, CAI 51 or inalienably area said, it is a corpse. Tao alien spaceship, or here. Seeing rumors F> Interestingly, the UFO was seen in most of this area in the district, the ideas are really something else, the new technology could be the spring, which was the test area 51.(BD IT TALK) There was a time when the government of the United States, with his mouth open, talking with them about Area 51 is a military aircraft test. But there are other weapons that test run can be heard, including nuclear. Browse runway for aircraft hangars, aircraft (special camps) and in the laboratory. But now we get to see, did not know Heater alarm clock. Bhabanaguloya Area 51 have windows and fly experimental aircraft, the staff of the "pasted" to stay at home so that she could not see the flight of the anvil. Scientists and employees do not know about others. Thus, even when the news comes out much hope not. So, where it is to say that the seal, which is 90km from the United States Las Vegas, is an area of ​​6,000 km. Yatakichui However, most of the stories about Area 51 web albums set family, and many related branches, web albums to resolve the family film, there is something unreal butts here. It is a secret military base, was kept secret, if they are people who know what Banaya are in the spokes. So it is not necessary to stay tank, how much more important, a secret military base in America and things still do not know anyone, was unveiled today, so I could not give....
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