Bluetooth and WIFI are hazardous to your health


At present, WiFi, Bluetooth wireless technology, as well as ours. The research I have seen in synthesis, wireless telecommunication risky and dangerous for our health. WiFi wireless router or modem is a type of electromagnetic radiation using a computer or device on Which We May receive signal. Bhibinya our home or office wireless router and routing technologies: such as WiFi or dangerous electromagnetic radiation can be used to do (EMF). So there are different types of internet modem, GPS-enabled laptop or PC, wireless devices, and our favorite mobile. Our physical and mental damage as a result of the use of prosthesis devices' may be posted today about it.(BD IT TALK)
How is the damage?
DSL router and the cable modem or Internet connection to get online to use the maximum amount of radiation is ilektromyagnetibha bhibinna scientists and health experts Said The body: because of Claimed damages. Additionally, in some wireless modem on the amount and frequency of the radio signal is trans- melted in a microwave oven to cook food hot or equal frequency. We have a good idea of how much risk you are in!
Duration of period and can be used even more frightening
That's kind of our home or office, it is a WiFi router and routing technology is not about the typical use, though it's not that we're no longer using. As a result, the routing technology, and it Continues to be distorted from the electromagnetic radiation up to 4 hours and livable place for your health at risk.
What could cause damage or effect?
This wave radiation can damage our saririka and mentally bhibinna types. Some of synthesis is significant, examined as headache, headaches, eyes become dull, short sleep, causes diseases, Including heart disease. Another thing you will notice did so when you finish searching on your mobile or PC When WiFi around you shows the WiFi signal. .(BD IT TALK) But how it looks? If you or your neighbors when you finish searching around at the time When The movement of the waves Which genes rates the electromagnetic field is generated from the electromagnetic radiation. As a result, the wave Enters the inside of your body and can cause cancer bhibinna skin cancer. Far better to say how close you are to a wireless router, the radiation levels are higher waves around you and you shoulderstand proceed to the more physical and emotional risk.
But now what?
 We know we cannot be out of this technology, and cannot pay, or dropped. HOWEVER, to some extent, but cannot stay away. Can do for him.

* End of our routers and routing Processes can be off and on, but without the need for it.

* As much as Possible to stay away from synthesis devices can

* Mobile's WiFi and Bluetooth on unnecessary and can be left off

* Children and pregnant women shoulderstand keep yourself away from synthesis devices and technology

* Our friends or others can be aware of this.

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