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BD IT TALKThe first time you use an Android phone, is an immediately clear: You're not in Cupertino. Android, as recent Verizon ads remind us, is the opposite of your Apple festivals: the open, fully customizable and without unexplained release of application code. If the iPhone is Apple's masterpiece immutable, is the open Android platform from Google canvas. The palette is in your hands; They turn to color. We have 40 tips and tricks compiled to help you get out of the Android phone, the better. Some are specifically applicable on Android 2.0 or later, but to any Android device the most. And none of the stuff requires jailbreak anything. So he picks up the phone and start - it's time to become a certified Android master for you. Maximize your home screenTo add a widget, hold your finger on a blank space and select "Widgets" in the context menu..
 1. Enjoy your space by using widgets - dynamic programs that operate right on your home screen. Just hold your finger on an open space, select Widgets from the pop-up menu. Widgets come in a variety of sizes and features, please visit the Android Market to find what works for you.
 2. I prefer not to be disturbed by noise when e-mail arrives? Enter the Gmail settings and set the ringtone to silent menu. Always see the new message alerts in the notification bar at the top of the screen, and you can always pull the panel down to get detailed information. You can configure the text and other apps alarm generator in the same way messaging. 
3. Configure a dial key for most callers. Hold your finger on an open space and select Shortcuts. Then press, direct dial and select the person from your contact list. If we go touch texting is what you crave, use the Direct message option instead. 
4. To post your favorites on your home screen websites, press and hold anywhere in the bookmark in your browser and select Add shortcut to home option. 
5. Try to keep organized it with folders on your home screen. Touch and hold an empty space and select Folders to create one. Then drag and drop frequently used contacts, apps, or other shortcuts into it to clutter can be reduced. To rename a folder, press and hold the title bar of the folder while it is open. Android on the go. Astor, you can navigate your phone as you would a computer.
 6. Managed simple file with a utility such as Astor, you navigate your phone as you would a computer, navigating directories and can move, or delete files on will. Cut 
7. Need and add text? Long press on a text input field. If you are on a web page, press the menu button and the option of selecting text. (BD IT TALK)
8. Use shortcut keys to access a Web site to access all Android, zoom a program. See the complete list of keyboard shortcuts for Android to learn them all. 
9. Can define your own keyboard shortcuts to open applications, too. Call the main settings menu, select Programs, and select Start to start quickly. 
10. If the onscreen keyboard is displayed when you want, touch and drag downward to make it disappear. can see the current date at any time by you. Put your finger on the top left corner of the screenRemain.
12.To download files on your Android phone, connect your phone to your PC and open the notification panel. Tap USB connected and then tap Mount when the dialog box appears to confirm. The phone will appear as a hard drive on the PC and you can then drag and drop the desired files. Manage your music - and even import your iTunes playlists - with DoubleTwist. (BD IT TALK) manage your music - and even import your iTunes playlists - with double screw, a free PC tool. Intuitive user interface of the program makes Motorola Media Link offers views as a relic bloated. 
14.Synchronize your Outlook calendar with your phone, without the hassle. Install Google Calendar Sync and let it do the work for you. 
15.To synchronize Outlook contacts without an Exchange server, try GO Contact Sync, an open source code for your PC. 
16.Keep up with your feeds with New Rob, a very useful application that synchronizes your mobile phone with your Google Reader account. 
17.Would you like to have your browser bookmarks from your PC to your Android phone? Download My favorites on the market for import. 
18.additional energy. Be called by the integration of Google Voice on the phone. If you have an account registered, download the official app and watch your options expand. Bonus tip: Add the Google Voice widget to your home screen to a knee their preferences outgoing call. You can send text messages for free from Google Voice.
19.Send free text messages Google Voice - everything you need is in the application. Just be sure to change the settings, refreshed every 5 minutes, so that incoming messages are not delayed. If you want fast notifications, log in to the Google Voice website and set up your account to send you e-mail notifications when a new text arrives.
 20.Get more talk time with unbilled Fring, a free mobile chat client for Android. Fring allows you to make calls over Google Talk, Skype and SIP call service.
 21.Disconnect Call headache with the free choice Zero App, the company he calls. So you can remove unwanted phone trees deal and get right to human representatives. 
22.Keep harassing phone calls directly to voicemail. First, open the profile of the person in your contact list. Tab and press the Options menu and check for incoming calls. 
23.The incoming call screen also has the ability to set custom ringtones for callers. Tap the ringtone and change the height of each person you want.
 24.use your own MP3 files as ringtones? No problem: Create a new folder on the memory card, and you call ringtones. Copy your MP3s there, and will automatically appear in the list. A folder called alarms or notifications will do the same for the respective functions. Ring Droid allows you to edit an MP3 file in a particular segment of the song for your ringtone or sound system.  
25.Discover the app free droid ring. With it you can easily edit an MP3 file to grab a precise a song for a ringtone or system segment.
 26.Android. Allows you to keep several windows open at the same browser. Keep to open a web link in a new window. Press the menu button while in the browser to switch between the windows. 
27.Prefer to view web pages in landscape format? You can say that Android always Sites are displayed in this way. Choose a landscape in your browser's Image Display Settings menu. 
28.built-in Android. Browser is not your only option. Try Dolphin Browser for cool features like tabbed browsing, gesture driven controls, and multi-touch (yes, even on the Droid), the zoom function. Secure Your Smartphone.
29.Android includes an option to use simple models to protect your cell phone; Unlock your phone, swipe the screen in a specific pattern. Look unlock pattern "Location and security" screen from the main menu system. Backup your data on the phone 
30.Would you like to? Try my backup which will save your applications, contacts, call log, text and even the parameters of each SD card or a secure internet server. You may also like SMS Backup, which saves at regular intervals all your texts into your Gmail account. 
31.For extra protection, download Mobile Defense. The application allows you to use a PC to track your phone via GPS, remotely lock, then back-up and delete all your data. In essential applications.
32.If you drive a lot of Office files, Documents To Go may be the thing for you. The free version provides you with the ability to view Word and Excel. The full paid version adds editing capabilities, as well as options for viewing PDF and PowerPoint. 
33.Prefer working in the cloud? Get your hands can connect to your Google Docs documents on Google Docs or Think Free Office Mobile, which makes it very easy. 
34.If you make basic notes everything you need, upload a notebook with notepad sync Google Docs sync. It saves documents directly into your Google Docs account for easy access. Go to the image editing, Adobe Mobile App hard to beat.
 35.For photo editing on-the-go, Adobe Mobile App hard to beat - and it's also free. 
36.Embellish. Your Android music experience with Tune Wiki, it automatically searches for and moves along the lyrics of their songs as they play It also gives you access to radio broadcasts over the Internet and some interesting features common community. Personalize your phone.
 37.Set how your phone acts by using Locale. The application allows you to define custom profiles for practically any circumstance - silent movie with the ringtone when you are at work, for example, or turn up the screen brightness at night. 
38.Enjoy your phone by installing LED Missed Call, which configures the light of the phone that certain colors will flash when calls pass from certain people. 
39.Mounting Android personalized dictionary to include your name and other names. Thus, in the auto-complete, it seems as tap list. Look to start with the language and keyboard settings in the system. 
40.Try Android app and decide that you do not like it, it returns. The Android Market will give a full refund up to 24 hours of purchase, as long as you have not tried the same app before return.
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